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Kitchen Cops: three perfect scores, 16 on 'A' list, 3 B's, and a score of 77

Kitchen Cops
Posted at 4:46 PM, Oct 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-21 19:02:21-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — On this week's Kitchen Cops report we see who's been keeping it clean, and who needs to clean it up.

There are three places that have earned Perfect Scores from health inspectors this week. Let's begin with the crew at the McDonald's at Kostoryz and SPID. Congratulations y'all!

Also earning 100's this week, Smokey Rooster Bar & Grill on Kostoryz. Juan Araiza has been in the restaurant business a long time and just opened this place in August, and has already earned a Perfect Score. Way to go Juan and crew!

And congratulations as well to the cafeteria crew at Dawson Elementary on Sanders. Thank you for keeping it clean and safe for the kids.

There are 16 places that received scores in the 90's landing them on this week's A list.

Schlotzsky's on Weber, Fuddruckers on SPID, Stingers Coffee on Airline, and Whataburger on Saratoga all received 99's from inspectors.

Panjo's Pizza Parlor on Airline tops this week's B list with a score of 89. Inspectors found 12 violations including gnats and roaches.

Peter Piper Pizza on Saratoga had two violations and a score of 88.

Eight violations were found inside Luby's on Saratoga. They included gnats and roaches. They received a score of 85.

Inspectors found 13 violations at the Ol' Steakhouse on Avalon, including flies in the kitchen. They earned a score of 77.
We spoke with Andrew, one of the managers, who explained the inspection took place immediately following their lunch rush and while deliveries were being made. He assured us the violations were being addressed.

Here is a complete list of this week's scores:

Perfect Scores

  • Dawson Elementary School located at 6821 Sanders
  • McDonald’s located at 3211 SPID
  • Smokey Rooster Bar & Grill located at 6122 Kostoryz


  • Fuddruckers located at 1949 SPID
  • Schlotzsky’s located at 5805 Weber
  • Stingers Coffee located at 1304 Airline
  • Whataburger located at 6241 Saratoga


  • Outback Steakhouse located at 4221 SPID


  • Shipley Donuts located at 1722 Rodd Field


  • Taco Bell located at 5821 Saratoga


  • McDonald’s located at 1522 Rodd Field
  • Pavani Authentic South Indian Cuisine located at 3206 Tiger


  • Jalisco Grill located at 1813 Ennis Joslin


  • Café Italia located at 4117 Staples
  • Dairy Queen of Port Aransas located at 307 Cotter
  • Hooters located at 4551 SPID


  • IHOP located at 5202 SPID


  • Buffalo Wild Wings located at 2001 SPID
  • Popeye’s located at 6141 Saratoga


  • Panjo’s Pizza Palor located at 1320 Airline

Violations include:

  1. Remove peeling paint from wall above food prep areas
  2. Dirty walk-in cooler
  3. Dirty ceilings & vents above food prep area
  4. Bad odor in rear behind walk-in cooler
  5. Dirty space fan
  6. Repair broken countertops
  7. Do not use hand washing sink for anything else but hand washing
  8. Gnats
  9. Roaches
  10. No jewelry allowed
  11. Properly store wiping towels
  12. Dirty dough prep room


  • Peter Piper Pizza located at 6193 Saratoga

Violations include:

  1. Pizza on buffet line at wrong temperature
  2. Do not store chemical spray bottles pointing towards prep area


  • Luby’s Cafeteria located at 5737 Saratoga

Violations include:

  1. Meat walk-in cooler at wrong temperature
  2. All food should be stored 6 inches off the floor in freezer
  3. Dirty ice machine
  4. All refrigerators need thermometers
  5. Do not use hand washing sink for anything else but hand washing
  6. Roaches
  7. Gnats
  8. Replace missing kitchen floor titles


Violations include:

  1. Food holding at wrong temperature
  2. Dirty cutting board
  3. Chemicals stored next to portion cups
  4. No licensed food manager on duty
  5. Missing thermometer in refrigerator
  6. Dishes stored in hand wash sink at the bar
  7. Flies in kitchen
  8. No watch allowed while preparing food
  9. Employee needs a beard guard
  10. Employee needs a hair restraint when preparing food
  11. Need utensil with handle to portion food
  12. Label bulk containers
  13. Replace missing ceiling tiles