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Kitchen Cops Report for May 6th

Kitchen Cops
Posted at 3:59 PM, May 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-06 16:59:43-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Andy Liscano brings your Kitchen Cops report got March 6, 2021.

The Subway on the 5400 block of Everhart has been keeping it clean going back to 2012. This is the fourth time they've earned a perfect score from Nueces County health inspectors.

In August 2020, smack dab in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the city acknowledged this restaurant for being COVID-19 Compliant. That takes commitment from management and staff.

We asked Joe Zuniga, one of the managers, whether it's difficult finding people who want to work these days.

"Yes sir. It's been like that with a lot of the stores. Like the owner, today I have to go help him at another store."

Also earning a perfect score, the Whataburger on Weber at SPID.

Matcha Konomi on Staples was also honored by inspectors and the Action 10 Kitchen Cops with their fourth perfect score sticker.

The manager tells us they'll be moving to a new location next week, so watch social media for an announcement of where they'll be.

There were 12 perfect scores in total.

  • 36 on the A list with scores ranging from 99-90.
  • 7 on the B list with scores ranging from 89-82.

There was one restaurant on the C list, Bamboo Garden on Airline and McArdle.
They had a score of 78. That's 10 violations.

We spoke with the owner, Ci Ci, who tells us a 78 surprised her.

"You don't normally get scores in the 70's do you ? No way. Always over 90's. Always A over 35 years. So when you get a score of 78, how do you react to something like that? I got surprised."

Ci Ci says corrections are being made, and she looks forward to re-inspection in two weeks.

Here is a complete list of this week's scores;

Perfect Scores

  • Driscoll Middle School located at 3501 Kenwood
  • Incarnate World Cafeteria located at 2910 Alameda
  • Jersey Mikes located at 3235 Alameda
  • John Paul II High School located at 3036 Saratoga
  • Kuzina Lebanese Grill located at 3801 Saratoga
  • Matcha Konomi located at 1316 Staples
  • Miller High School located at 1 Battlin’ Buc
  • Big Bowl BBQ located at 6410 Weber
  • Sacred Juice located at 4200 Alameda
  • Snoopy’s Veranda located 13313 SPID
  • Subway located at 5441 Everhart
  • Whataburger located at 5114 Weber


  • Middle East Deli located at 5405 Everhart


  • Chick-fil-A @TAMUCC
  • Copperhead Jack @TAMUCC
  • CC Panda @TAMUCC
  • Lucky’s Sports Bar located at 3833 Saratoga
  • Popeye’s located at 5701 Everhart
  • Snoopy’s Pier located 13313 SPID
  • Subway @TAMUCC
  • The Brick Bar & Bites located at 4535 SPID


  • B&J Pizza & Subs located at 6335 SPID
  • Big Sam’s Grill & Bar located at 10514 Leopard
  • McDonald’s located at 4730 Alameda
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes located at 5425 SPID
  • Shorty’s Place located at 823 Tarpon
  • The Coffee Muggle located at 1112 Morgan
  • The Social located at 4535 SPID


  • Andy’s Country Kitchen located at 5802 Staples
  • Gates Donut Shop located at 4417 Alameda
  • Island Time Sushi Bar & Seafood Grill located at 14225 SPID
  • Popeye’s located at 4501 Weber


  • Little Caesar’s located at 3801 Saratoga
  • Thai Spice Restaurant located at 523 Water


  • Frank’s Spaghetti House located at 2724 Leopard
  • Luciano’s Italian Restaurant located at 1821 Alameda
  • Pier 99 located at 2822 Shoreline
  • Pizza Hut located at 5933 McArdle
  • Rich’s Billiards located at 5815 Weber
  • Smoothie King located at 5366 McArdle
  • Taqueria El Potro located at 1401 Rodd Field
  • Tortuga’s Saltwater Grill located at 429 Alister
  • Water Street Oyster Bar located 309 Water


  • Lei Kitchen Southeast Asian Cuisine located at 4037 Saratoga


  • Papa John’s Pizza located at 4037 Saratoga
  • Reparo Taquito located at 831 Airline


  • Pete’s Chicken and More located at 6502 Yorktown
  • Taqueria Jalisco #12 located at 3830 Staples


  • Kiko’s Mexican Food Restaurant

Violations include:

  1. Chicken & beef fajitas held at room temperature
  2. Inside of microwaves need to be cleaned
  3. Flies
  4. All employees must wear effective hair restraints
  5. Store wiping cloths properly
  6. Store scoop handles properly
  7. Kitchen titles need to be repaired


  • Hunan Express located at 5502 Everhart

Violations include:

  1. Cooked chicken being held at wrong temperature
  2. All food needs to be stored 6 inches from floor in walk-in cooler
  3. All food needs to be covered in freezer
  4. Do not store containers on top of one another
  5. Do not store chemicals next to food or paper goods
  6. All employees must wear effective hair restraints
  7. Do not store knives between equipment
  8. Floors, equipment, and containers need to be cleaned


  • La Mexicana Bakery & Tortilla Factory located at 6337 SPID

Violations include:

  1. Chorizo at wrong temperature
  2. All food needs to be covered at all times
  3. Leftovers in walk-in cooler need use by date
  4. Hand washing sink not connected
  5. Store wiping cloths properly
  6. Do not thaw meat in standing water
  7. Do not store knives between equipment
  • Linda’s Mexican Restaurant located at 4033 Gollihar

Violations include:

  1. Sliced bread should not be stored in a cardboard box
  2. Food pans should not be stored inside other pans
  3. Dirty ice machine
  4. Prepared food in refrigerator needs to be dated
  5. No thermometer in refrigerator
  6. Employees need to wear beard guards
  7. Use utensil with handle to portion lettuce
  8. Dirty stove hood
  • Z-Counter located at 1220 Airline

Violations include:

  1. Clean excess
  2. Dirty ice maker
  3. Employees should not wash hands were utensils are washed
  4. Inside of walk-in cooler needs to be cleaned
  5. Dirty exhaust hood
  6. Grease build up above stove
  7. All bulk foods need to be labled


  • Nueces Brewing Company located at 401 Water

Violations include:

  1. Items not at proper temperature
  2. All spice and food containers need lids
  3. All items need to be labeled and dated
  4. All refrigerators need thermometers
  5. No debris should be in handwashing sink
  6. Paper towels needed at handwashing sink
  7. Only service animals allowed in facility
  8. Hair & beard restraints should be worn
  9. No unapproved jewelry should be worn
  10. Fix holes in ceiling
  11. Clean refrigerator out


  • Portis Kountry Kitchen #2 located at 615 Upper Broadway

Violations include:

  1. Store condiments properly
  2. Store food while cleaning
  3. Label chemicals and away from food
  4. No food manager on site
  5. Need to renew health permit
  6. No unapproved jewelry should be worn
  7. Store wiping cloths properly
  8. Store scooping handles facing up and out of dry goods
  9. All bulk foods need to be labeled
  10. Clean back kitchen freezer
  11. Clean behind microwave


  • Bamboo Garden located at 1220 Airline

Violations include:

  1. All interior surfaces of walk-in coolers need to be cleaned ASAP
  2. Food residue buildup around stove area needs to be cleaned
  3. All toxic items need to be kept away from food prep areas
  4. Valid food manager’s & food handler’s cards needed
  5. Each cooling unit needs a functioning thermometer
  6. Plumbing under hand sink needs to be fixed
  7. Corroded shelves in walk-in cooler need to be replaced
  8. Heavy grease build up behind stoves need to be cleaned
  9. All ceiling fixtures need to be cleaned
  10. Corroded ceiling fixture above dishwasher needs to be replaced.