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Kitchen Cops for Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021

Posted at 2:53 PM, Jan 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-29 15:53:23-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A short Kitchen Cops list tonight.
There aren’t any Perfect Scores, but there are 6 restaurants in the A list and 3 ‘B’s’.

Since there aren’t any restaurants that earned a Perfect Score sticker from the Kitchen Cop s tonight, we’ll put them back in the vault till next week.

Places that earned a spot on the A list with scores in the 90’s,
range from a 98 for Granny’s Tamales on Airline to a 92 for La Frutera also on Airline.

On the B list, with a score of 88, the Port A Beach Lodge at 2016 On the Beach in Port A.

Inspectors found 5 violations.

Owner Chuck Mc Carley declined our invitation to speak about them on camera, but he did tell us he’s already addressed most of them.

Same for Derek Palmer, general manager of Stingrays at 401 Beach in Port A.

Inspectors found 5 violations and gave Stingrays a score of 87.

Palmer says the violations are being addressed.

Also getting a score of 87 from inspectors, with 7 violations, Cancun Mexican Restaurant at 1023 Hwy 361 in Port A.

Below is the complete list of scores and violations.


Granny Hot Tamales 34 located at 2033 Airline
Port A Coast Club located at 1023 Hwy 361
The Gaff located 323 Beach
Surfing Crab located at 6418 Staples
Macdaddy’s Family Kitchen located at 118 Beach
La Frutera located at 2322 Airline

Port A Beach Lodge located at 2016 On the Beach
Violations include:
Shelves in walk-in cooler need repaired or replaced
Clean area around soda nozzles
Keep toxic items away from bar area
All food handlers must have a valid food handler license
Control gnat problem in bar

Stingray’s Tap House and Grill located at 401 Beach
Violations include:
Mold on walk-in cooler shelves
Dirty soda fountain nozzles
Do not put grease collection pit where water drainage allows overflow to contaminate it
Each cooling unit needs visible, working thermometer
Provide valid health permit

Cancun Mexican Restaurant located at 1023 Hwy 361
Violations include:
Dirty ice maker
Dirty ceiling vents above food prep areas in kitchen
Repair plumbing under hand sink
Shelves in walk-in cooler need repaired or replaced
Label bulk food containers
Clean fan grill guard on ceiling in walk-in
Clean vent hoods ASAP