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Kitchen Cops for the week of September 25th through 29th

Posted at 3:56 PM, Oct 05, 2023

Perfect Scores

9601 SPID

"How does it feel? It feels awesome," said William Castillo. "That way that we can provide safety for the community and eliminate food-borne illnesses and serving quality food is our highest standard."

Fisherman's Bait & Seafood Market
1101 Laguna Shores

We spoke with Ian, a team member.
"You got a Perfect Score. How does that feel?"
"It feels good. We're very appreciative. We're very thankful for getting a perfect score."
And we appreciate you and the crew at Fisherman's for keeping the place clean and safe for customers.

Marker 37
13317 SPID

Navarro Head Start
120 N 19th St

Papa John's Pizza
13434 Leopard

Pizza Hut
1216 Waldron

4256 S Alameda

TG Allen Elem (Evans Elem)
1315 Comanche


The B list

El Muella de San Blas #2
920 Louisiana

7 violations

-products in walk-in cooler at wrong temp

-provide visible thermometers inside all refrigeration

Casa Vieja Jalisco
9929 SPID

8 violations

-missing labels, dates on products

-missing thermometers in coolers

El Canelo Mexicano
1805 SPID

7 violations

-products in walk-in cooler at wrong temp

-employee didn't wash hands before touching cheese


The Low Score

Mi Casita Taqueria #2
2033 Airline

13 violations

-roach on drink counter/call pest control

-wash hands before touching tortillas

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