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Kitchen Cops for the week of June 17th through 21st

Local bakery earns score of 100 from health inspectors
Kitchen Cops
Posted at 3:26 PM, Jun 27, 2024

The Buttercrust Bakery Store on Saratoga earned a 100 from inspectors last week.

I gotta admit...I was looking forward to the bakery aroma that comes from making many of these treats.

But the ladies working here told me they don't do that here.

All of the products you see are delivered by truck from San Antonio every day.

And then customers like David come and buy it and use it as... chicken feed.

 Guess how much he paid for all of this ?

"How much money is that right there?" we asked, pointing to a basket FULL of bread.

"8 dollars and 12 cents," David responded.

"The total thing?"

"For the whole basket? 8 dollars and 12 cents for all of this bread?"
"Yes sir."

By the way...the ladies who work at here...are not allowed to appear on camera.

Oh well, congratulations Buttercrust Bakery !


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Thanks For Keeping It Clean And Safe For Customers Y'all.