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Kitchen Cops: Flies and gnats among violations for local restaurant chain

Kitchen Cops
Posted at 3:00 PM, Oct 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-14 18:18:34-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — This week's perfect scores on Kitchen Cops go to the Pizza Hut at 4414 Ayers and the Starbucks on the Island.

George Pierce is one of the managers, and we asked him what his perfect score means to him.

"[It means] that we're a good solid restaurant, and, we have a clean good record...we put a lot of work into that."

There are 15 places on this week's A list with scores ranging from 99-91.

There are also five places on this week's B list, beginning with the very popular Good N'Crisp Chicken on the Island.

Inspectors found 4 violations and gave them a score of 89.

Also on the Island, La Isla Mexican Restaurant. They received six violations and a score of 88.

Casa Vieja Jalisco on Yorktown received 10 violations and scored an 87.

Niko's Steakhouse on Saratoga scored an 85 with their nine violations.

Inspectors found 10 violations at the Boat N'Net #1 on Port, including flies everywhere in the cooking area, and gnats in the soda bib area. They also received a score of 85.


Perfect Scores

  • Pizza Hut located at 4414 Ayers
  • Starbucks Coffee located at 14002 SPID



  • Whataburger located at 7702 SPID


  • Pizza Hut located at 2120 Staples
  • Whataburger located at 14301 SPID


  • Sals Bronx Pizza located at 5922 Yorktown
  • Whataburger located at 7434 Staples


  • Dairy Queen located at 5919 McArdle
  • Jason’s Deli located at 5325 Saratoga
  • Jersey Mikes located at 1813 Ennis Joslin
  • Papa John’s Pizza located at 10338 SPID


  • 8TE located at 1220 Airline Citrus
  • SSS Bistro located at 500 Shoreline
  • Mi Nueva Casa Restaurant located at 7602 SPID


  • Sonic Drive-In located at 14401 SPID


  • Dragonfly located at 14701 SPID
  • Poets Restaurants located at 4825 Saratoga



  • Good N Crisp located at 14601 SPID

Four violations include:

  1. Repair all holes in ceiling above food prep area
  2. Repair corroded shelf racks in walk-in cooler
  3. Do not allow dripping water onto chicken in walk-in cooler
  4. Clean all ceilings in walk-in cooler


  • La Isla Mexicana Restaurant located at 14237 SPID

Six violations include:

  1. Repair all corroded ceiling tiles above food prep areas
  2. Dirty shelf racks in walk-in cooler
  3. Keep toxic items off the bar and all food prep areas
  4. Seal hole at bottom of back door
  5. Dirty fan grill guard in front reaching cooler
  6. Seal all holes in ceiling


  • Casa Vieja Jalisco located at 6202 Yorktown

10 violations include:

  1. All food needs to be stored six inches off the floor
  2. Do not store raw meat above cooked or ready to eat food
  3. Do not store chemicals next to food
  4. All leftover food inside refrigerator needs use by date
  5. Do not use hand washing sink for anything else but hand washing
  6. Employees must use drinking cups with lids
  7. Store wiping towels properly
  8. Do not use styrofoam cups to dispense sauce
  9. Do not use bowls to dispense dry goods
  10. Store scoop handles up at all times


  • Niko’s Steakhouse located at 5409 Saratoga

Nine violations include:

  1. Dirty can opener
  2. Allow pans to air dry before stacking
  3. Employee wiped hands on apron and did not wash hands immediately after
  4. Do not store chemicals next to onions
  5. Do not use hand washing sink for anything else but hand washing
  6. Soap and towels needed at sink
  7. Employees must wear effective hair and beard restraints
  8. Do not thaw out chicken at room temperature
  9. Store ice scoop handles up at all times


  • Boat N Net #1 located at 1411 Port

10 violations include:

  1. Mold in ice bin
  2. Food needs to be label and dated
  3. Thermometer needed in walk-in cooler and refrigerator
  4. Ice scoop needs to be stored handle up
  5. Flies everywhere in cooking area
  6. Gnats in soda bib area
  7. Drinking cups need lids
  8. Oil caked on outside in back walkway
  9. Pallet under canned area dirty
  10. Ceiling tiles missing