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Kitchen Cops: 2 perfect scores, 11 A-listers this week

Krystal Gluth proudly displays her perfect Kitchen Cops sticker
Kitchen Cops
Posted at 4:26 PM, Jun 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-10 17:58:20-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Wanna be part of the team at the Mc Donald's at 4102 Port?

The team that just earned a Perfect Score from county health inspectors?

They're hiring according to manager Krystal Gluth.

"We are hiring right now for all shifts," Gluth said. "We're paying up to $10.00 depending on availability as well."

Gluth told us she's been the manager here for two years, but this is the first time the crew has earned a score of 100. She said the perfect score is meaningful to everybody involved with the restaurant.

"Yes, they do understand what it means and not just to myself but to the owners as well and to the director of operations," Gluth said. "It's an awesome feeling."

So congratulations to them and to the folks at Rock and Rollin' Ice Cream at 2033 Airline for earning their second perfect sticker from the Kitchen Cops.

And by the way, they're also hiring.

There are 11 businesses on tonight's A list with scores ranging from 99 to 93.

Lumpia House #2 at 7426 South Staples is on tonight's B list.

Inspectors found six violations and gave them a score of 87.

Inspectors found 12 violations at Ojos Locos at 5133 SPID, including a dirty ice machine and a dishwasher at the wrong sanitizer level, and gave them a score of 86.

Here is the complete list of tonight's scores.

Perfect Scores
McDonald’s, 4102 Port
Rock and Rolling Ice Cream, 2033 Airline

Taqueria La Tapatia #5, 5401 Kostoryz
Wendy’s, 4105 Ayers

Starbucks, 3738 Staples
Taqueria Jalisco #18, 5358 Kostoryz

Peter Piper Pizza, 4121 Port
Shoreline Sandwich Company, 5350 Staples
Thai Cottage, 5830 McArdle

Hawaii Poke, 5521 Saratoga
Julian’s BBQ, 1818 Baldwin

Catfish Charlies, 5830 McArdle

Southside Barbacoa, 5894 Everhart

Lumpia House #2, 7426 Staples
Violations include:

  • Do not store raw meat above fish
  • Dirty can opener
  • Chemicals should be stored away from food containers
  • Do not block handwashing sink
  • Employees must wear effective hair restraints
  • Store wiping towels properly

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina, 5133 SPID
Violations include:

  • Wash all pans thoroughly and allow to air dry before stacking
  • Dirty ice machine
  • Dishwasher at wrong sanitizer level
  • Wash all bar glasses thoroughly
  • Store chemical spray bottles away from prep areas
  • All refrigerators need visible thermometer
  • Paper towels and soap needed at hand washing sinks
  • Employees must wear effective hair and beard restraints
  • Employees must use drinking cups with lids
  • Store wiping towels properly
  • Do not store knives between equipment
  • Do not store dust mop duster next to clean pans