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Kitchen Cops: January 22nd

Posted at 10:36 AM, Jan 22, 2019

Three prefect scores and only one B-list restaurant in Tuesday’s edition of the Kitchen Cops.

Rosa’s Kitchen located at 5101 Leopard scored a 100.

Texas Sports Bar & Grill located at 3202 Leopard scored a 100.

Frank’s Produce #2 located at 2637 Baldwin scored a 100.

Earning a spot on the A-list with a 99 is the Shoreline Grill located at the Texas State Aquarium at 2710 Shoreline.

Mother Ocean located at 500 North Water Street scored a 98.

Century Theaters located at 6685 South Padre Island Drive scored a 98.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas located at 7601 Staples scored a 98.

Banda’s located at 8081 Leopard scored a 97.

Boat N Net #1 located at 1411 Port scored a 97.

Sonic Drive Inn located at 13913 Northwest Boulevard scored a 97.

Ramen Legend located at 4938 Staples scored a 96.

Little Caesars located at 1220 Airline scored a 96.

Drunkn’ Noodlez Asian Restaurant located at 4214 Alameda scored a 96.

BKK Thai Kitchen located at 3850 Alameda scored a 95.

Smoothie King located at 5366 Mcardle scored a 93.

Taqueria El Mexicano #2 located at 2110 Laredo scored a 92.

Panda Express located at 4119 Staples scored a 92.

Gates Donut Shop located at 4417 Alameda scored a 92.

Burger King located at 6610 Saratoga scored a 92.

Dropping down to the B-list with an 87 is Acapulco Restaurant located at 6517 Weber.

Violations included raw meat stored above cooked, raw chicken stored above other meat, raw beef stored above seafood, dishes and pans need to be washed thoroughly, dish washer was not working properly,
employees need to wash their hands, hand washing sink was used for other tasks, employees were not wearing beard guards, drinking cups did not have lids and wiping towels were not stored properly.

Kitchen Cops Health Inspection Reports: January 22, 2019