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Kitchen Cops; January 8th

Posted at 10:49 AM, Jan 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-08 23:30:01-05

There are several perfect scores but only one B-list restaurant in Tuesday’s edition of the Kitchen Cops.

Water Street Seafood Company located at 314 Charparral scored a 100.

Fruit Creations #2 located at 4101 Highway 77 scored a 100.

Mac’s Barbecue located at 4354 Alameda scored a 100.

McDonald’s located at 1229 Waldron scored a 100.

Sandi’s Diner located at 704 Ayers scored a 100.

Stingers Coffee located at 7042 Staples scored a 100.

Yummy Tummy Cheesecakes located at 4820 Kostoryz scored a 100.

Earning a spot on the A-list with a 99 is The Coffee Muggle located at 1112 Morgan.

Starbucks Coffee located at 5634 Saratoga scored a 99.

Dairy Queen located at 5919 Mcardle scored a 99.

Ultimate Cheesecake located at 4210 Alameda scored a 99.

Tannins Wine Bar & Tapas located at 3855 Alameda scored a 98.

McDonald’s located at 4730 Alameda scored a 98.

Julian’s BBQ located at 1818 Baldwin scored a 98.

Little Caesars located at 3801 Saratoga scored a 98.

McAlister’s Deli located at 5801 Saratoga scored a 97.

Norma’z Fruits Delights located at 4737 Kostoryz scored a 97.

Dairy Queen located at 3606 Ayers scored a 97.

Fresh Donuts located at 1216 Waldron scored a 96.

Coffee Waves located at 5738 Alameda scored a 96.

Jersey Mikes located at 1813 Ennis Joslin scored a 96.

8te located at 1220 Airline scored a 95.

Subway located at 526 Enterprise scored a 94.

Poki Yaki located at 3823 Staples scored a 94.

Banda’s #2 located at 8081 Leopard scored a 94.

Black Beard On The Beach located at 3174 Surfside scored a 94.

Domino’s Pizza located at 2602 Waldron scored a 92.

Thai Orchid located at 4501 South Padre Island Drive scored a 92.

Taqueria Jalisco #8 located at 5813 Weber scored a 92.

China garden located at 4101 South Padre Island Drive scored a 92.

Dropping down to the B-list with an 89 is Big Bowl BBQ located at 6410 Weber.

Violations included raw chicken stored above beef, food on the floor, chemical spray bottles not labeled or stored properly, no thermometer, the hand washing sink was used for other tasks, no soap at hand sink and food grade containers needed to be used to store sauces used for prepping food.

Kitchen Cops Health Inspection Reports: January 8, 2019