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Kitchen Cops: October 23rd

Posted at 10:27 AM, Oct 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-24 00:13:43-04

Three perfect scores and two B-list restaurants can be found in Tuesday’s edition of the Kitchen Cops.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries located at 5425 South Padre Island Drive scored a 100.

Cakes 2 Dy 4 located at 6040 South Padre Island Drive scored a 100.

Hoegemeyers Barbeque located at 711 Concrete scored a 100.

Earning a spot on the A-list with a 99 is the Subway located at 4938 Staples.

Aunt Sissy’s Kitchen located at 14254 South Padre Island Drive scored a 99.

Taste of Asia Restaurant located at 2148 Waldron scored a 97.

Taco Bell located at 1217 Waldron scored a 97.

Sno Ball Too located at 7114 Saratoga scored a 97.

The Chicken Coop located at 2815 Agnes scored a 97.

Fresh Donut located at 1216 Waldron scored a 97.

Sufi Kabob located at 7150 South Padre Island Drive scored a 96.

Subway located at 2741 Staples scored a 95.

Little Caesars located at 10529 South Padre Island Drive scored a 95.

Pho Saigon located at 3741 Alameda scored a 94.

New China Café located at 4110 Port scored a 93.

Jack in the Box located at 1238 Waldron scored a 93.

Gordo’s Soup-Er-Bowl located at 4506 Baldwin scored a 92.

Dropping down to the B-list with an 89 is Pier 99 located at 2822 Shoreline.

Violations included food in the freezer on the floor, gumbo kept at the wrong temperature, no thermometer, gnats,
the cook wearing a watch, utensil with handle is needed to portion the flour and the flour container was not labeled.

Dos Comales Restaurant located at 227 Water scored an 86.

The restaurant lost points because a food container was stored inside another food container, serving drink condiments with fingers without washing hands, chemicals were stored on the dish rack, food stored in refrigerator was not labeled, wiping cloths were not stored properly, cups were used to portion food and the holes on floor in dish wash room need to be repaired.

Kitchen Cops Health Inspection Reports: October 23, 2018