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Kitchen Cops: August 30th

Posted at 9:12 AM, Aug 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 23:37:13-04

One restaurant ends up on the Kitchen Cops list twice and there are three B-list restaurants.

Garrett’s located at 4135 Ayers scored a 100.

Aqui Es located at 1005 Port scored a 100.

JB German Bakery & Café located at 15137 South Padre Island Drive was given two scores.

The patio area scored a 100.

The kitchen area scored a 91.

Pizza Hut located at 2120 Staples scored a 99.

Chick-Fil-A located at 4741 South Padre Island Drive scored a 99.

Mikel May’s Beach Side Bar & Grill located at Bobhall Pier scored a 98.

Eirinis Gyros & More located at 4360 Alameda scored a 96.

Brizuela’s Restaurant located at 16301 FM 624 scored a 96.

Denny’s located at 4918 South Padre Island Drive scored a 95.

Shoreline Sandwich Company located at 500 Shoreline scored a 95.

Wildcat Donuts located at 1301 15th Street scored a 94.

Scoopy’s located at 13313 South Padre Island Drive scored a 94.

Good-N-Crisp located at 14601 South Padre Island Drive scored a 94.

Enriques Restaurant located at 5230 Kostoryz scored a 94.

Surfside Sandwich Shoppe located at 15113 South Padre Island Drive scored a 93.

Kanto Filipino BBQ located at 5425 South Padre Island Drive scored a 93.

Laguna Reef Restaurant located at 4242 Laguna Shores scored a 93.

Angry Marlin Restaurant located at 15605 South Padre Island Drive scored a 92.

Sweet Treats 2 located at 2033 Airline inside a bingo Hall scored a 91.l

Dropping down to the B-list with 88 is Doc’s Seafood & Steak Restaurant located at 13309 South Padre Island Drive.

Violations included a dirty microwave, a dirty can opener, employees not washing hands after touching any part of their body or clothing, chemical spray bottles were near food, employees were not wearing beard guards, souffle cups were used to dispense crab meat salad and food containers were not labeled.

Island Time Sushi Bar & Seafood Grill located at 14225 South Padre Island Drive scored an 87.

Health inspectors found the line cooler kept at the wrong temperature, no food manager on duty, left over food was not labeled and no paper towels for hand washing sink in the employee restroom.

Other violations included wiping towels were not stored properly, dishes and glasses were on top of napkins, a dirty microwave and the employee restroom door must be self-closing.

Texas Mesquite BBQ & Grill located at 14457 South Padre Island Drive scored an 82.

The restaurant lost points because food products from the distributor were not refrigerated immediately after being received, beans were kept at the wrong temperature, raw chicken was stored with pork, raw beef was stored above fish or sausage, left over food was not labeled and the hand washing sink used for anything else but hand washing.

Other violations included flies, employees not wearing hair or beard restraints, employee drinking cups needed lids, a dirty BBQ pit and the kitchen needed a thorough cleaning.

Kitchen Cops Inspection Reports: August 30, 2018