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Kitchen Cops: August 7th

Posted at 9:27 AM, Aug 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-07 23:26:57-04

Three perfect scores and only one B-list restaurant in Tuesday’s edition of the Kitchen Cops.

Howard’s Bar-B-Que located at 1002 Antelope scored a 100.

Belleeah’s Apples & Treats located at 5433 Staples scored a 100.

Pizza Hut located at 10702 Leopard scored a 100.

Earning a spot on the A-list with a 99 is Domino’s Pizza located at 3812 Staples.

Schlotzsky’s located at 4218 Alameda scored a 99.

BKK Thai Kitchen located at 3850 Alameda scored a 99.

Bravo Café located at 374 NAS Drive scored a 96.

Wienerschnitzel located at 4221 Alameda scored a 96.

Pizza Hut located at 5933 Mcardle scored a 95.

Subway Sandwiches located at 10529 South Padre Island Drive scored a 94.

C’est Bon Seafood located at 10210 South Padre Island Drive scored a 94.

Papa John’s Pizza located at 10338 South Padre Island Drive scored a 93.

Yalee’s Asian Bistro located at 5649 Saratoga scored a 92.

La Michoacana Bakery #3 located at 5250 Everhart scored a 92.

Weber Grill located at 5714 Weber scored a 91.

Mcdonald’s located at 1229 Waldron scored a 91.

Floyd’s Christian Restaurant located at 9502 South Padre Island Drive scored a 90.

Wonders Bar & Grill located at 4733 Alameda scored a 90.

Dropping down to the B- list with an 89 is Boardwalk Café located at 706 NAS Drive.

Violations included the line cooler kept at the wrong temperature, employees needed to wash their hands, left over food not label, rodent droppings, flies, wiping towels were not stored properly, scoops were not stored properly and containers without handles were used to dispense dry goods.

Kitchen Cops Inspection Reports: August 7, 2018