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Kitchen Cops: July 19th

Posted at 9:27 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-02 09:42:00-04

In tonight’s Kitchen Cops report, health inspectors find rodents, grease on the floor, food in the ceiling and toxic items found in the food prep area.  That’s just a sample of the violations found in one area kitchen that earned the lowest score and a place on the rare C-list.

First stop on tonight’s perfect score sticker parade – El Palenque number 3…on Leopard Street.
I gotta admit this place is one of favorites.
Great big breakfast tacos. 
They had closed for the day, but they still earned a perfect score from health department inspectors and a perfect score sticker from the kitchen cops.
Our only one tonight. 

Now tonight’s ‘B’ list.
Taqueria Jalisco on Weber …87
Health inspectors found dirty fan grill guards, thermometers in cooling units weren’t accurate, holes in the ceiling, grease above exhaust vent, rust on shelves in walk-in cooler, mops and a ladder stored next to food items, no hand towels at sink, and food handler cards not present.

Kody’s on Highway 361 in Port Aransas…82.
Violations include food stored too close to the floor, can opener and soda fountain nozzles were dirty, dishwashing machine was not washing properly, bug spray was stored next to seasonings, the hand washing sink in prep area needs repair, flies, used towels not thrown away, employees not using hair guards.
They were also eating while prepping food and drinking without lids.  And not washing their hands.

Our lowest score tonight is on the c-list.
It’s Boat n Net at the Staples-Weber/ Doddridge intersection…77.
The freezer was too warm, food found on the ceiling, toxic items found in food prep area, caked grease found in floor corners, rodents, heavy lint buildup on ceiling vent, food prep counter top needs repair, utensils found washing in hand sink, employees not wearing gloves when handling food, no food handler cards, and no valid health permit on the premises.

If you’ve got a complaint about a restaurant, call this number (361) 826-7222.  There is always someone on duty and you can leave a message if necessary.