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Kitchen Cops Report: January 27, 2022

Kitchen Cops
Posted at 3:58 PM, Jan 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-27 20:24:33-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Jim McMahan is the general manager of the Pizza Hut on the 4000 block of Saratoga.

McMahan says he's been with the pizza chain for more than 10 years, and he and his crew have been keeping it clean regularly. His location received a perfect score from inspectors this week. Thanks for keeping it clean and safe for one another and customers.

Also earning a perfect score from inspectors this week, Shipley's Donuts on the 5600 block of Saratoga near Staples. This place has been earning perfect scores going back to 2013. Congratulations y'all!

There are ten restaurants on this week's A list with scores ranging from 99 to 91.

On this week's B list, Popeye's on the 13000 block of Northwest Blvd. They scored an 88 with seven violations. Little Caesar's on the 4200 block of Ayers also made it on the B list with six violations.

Here is a complete list of this week's scores.

Perfect Scores

  • Pizza Hut located at 4001 Saratoga
  • Shipley Donuts located at 5625 Saratoga

A List


  • Subway located at 5702 Staples


  • Whataburger located at 4921 IH 69 Access


  • Pizza Hut located at 10702 Leopard


  • Charley's Philly Steaks and Wings located at 5625 Saratoga
  • Taco Palenque located at 5617 Saratoga


  • Jersey Mike's located at 14221 Northwest


  • El Jalisciense Bar & Grill located at 7114 Saratoga


  • Nolan's Original Poorboy located at 14101 Northwest


  • Taqueria El Centenario #2 located at 10301 Leopard
  • Rigatoni's Italian Restaurant located at 10501 Leopard



  • Popeye's located at 13613 Northwest

Violations include:

  1. Dirty microwave
  2. No hot water
  3. Refrigerator at wrong temp
  4. Blocked hand washing sink and paper towels needed there
  5. Employees with facial hair must wear beard guards
  6. Replace missing floor tiles
  7. Women’s restroom needs a trash can with a lid


  • Little Caesars located at 4208 Ayers

Violations include:

  1. Chemicals stored around food
  2. No current food manager and food handlers' certificates on site
  3. Label and date all prepped items or items out of original packaging
  4. Need valid 2022 health permit
  5. Clean all surfaces regularly
  6. Gnats

A manager on site told us they now have a valid health permit.