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HHM: Helping others as a lifestyle, not a choice

BBQ man, Pete Trevino is the "go-to" guy for fundraisers
Posted at 11:04 PM, Sep 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-27 00:04:53-04

Pete Trevino is one who has served so many in the Coastal holding barbecue benefits for those in need.

And he does so... without asking for anything in return.

You'd think that as much tasty barbeque as Pete Trevino makes Dexter, his Belgian Malinois, would be the beneficiary of left-overs.

But he's not according to Trevino.

He would get spoiled by table food and that's not part of his training.

When he's not training Dexter Trevino, a husband and father of 5 has established himself in these parts as the 'go-to' guy when you need some finger lickin' good barbeque for your benefit.

In the past few years, Trevino has helped numerous families who've lost their children in tragic events. His barbecue benefits helped pay for their children's funerals.

His willingness to say 'yes' whenever there's a need…instilled in him primarily by his mom…and his hispanic heritage.

Pete Trevino - benefit bbq man/she didn't care what color you were. Where you come from. If you were hungry, she fed. If you needed clothes, she gave it to you. If you needed money, she did. And I think that that's where my love for wanting to help people came from.

Perhaps the best example of Trevino passing that heritage to the next generation…to his young daughter…came on May 24th…the tragedy in Uvalde.

He had promised her a weekend of fun in the sun at Fiesta Texas for her birthday.

But his phone wouldn't stop ringing.

Those who knew him…asking him to go there…and do what he does.

"And my 8 year old just standing there. And she just, with a pout with her hands. I told her, i'm not canceling the plans. We're still gonna do this for you. And she was just like 'naw dad, we gotta help them."

Sure enough…Trevino and his crew went to Uvalde.

"You never know when God says 'if I reach out to you, it's best that you don't deny me, because when it comes time to go up there, there's a good chance that you could be denied.' so I always look at it like a text message. I got a text message from him. He's like 'ok, I done shown you what's out there. What happened. What are you gonna do ?"

But upon pulling into Uvalde…and before firing up his 26 foot pit…Trevino remembers a haunting feeling that came over him.

"I was hearing the kids screaming for help."

Trevino wants to give shout outs to his main guys…Ronnie…Kevin…and Marcus…for always being ready to help him help others…because when word gets out that Pete Trevino's comin'……even network news people wanna shake his hand.

There's an interesting story about how Trevino got that 26 foot bbq pit.

A local family said they'd heard about they offered it to him...but he couldn't afford it.

They wound up making the deal with what he could afford...just days before he left for Uvalde.

Helping others...a way of life in the Coastal Bend.