Temperature checks, limiting access part of daycare's plan to keep kids safe

Posted at 5:33 PM, Jul 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-30 18:33:25-04

Childcare centers have had to find new ways to encourage kids to stay healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At KinderCare Learning Centers, workers want to make sure that when parents drop their child off for the day, they can still be able to learn in a normal environment.

One of the changes made is limiting who is allowed in the building.

“We want to take all the precautions as much as we can to keep our children safe," said KinderCare Learning Center Director Chrystal Wilkey. "Right now we are only allowing children and staff inside the building and right now we have set up a wellness station in front of our building."

At the wellness station, parents sign their child in and are asked screening questions. This is also where a staff member checks the child's temperature.

“So anybody with a fever over 99.7 is not allowed in," she said. "We are asking them to stay out for up to 48 hours at least. If they have been exposed to anybody with COVID, we are asking them to stay out as well."

Parents KRIS 6 News spoke to said its an adjustment, but they appreciate the precautions being taken.

“It is different not being able to go into the classroom with her, but at least this way I know that she is safe and that she can still come interact and learn,” said parent Kelsey Swatske.

“I'm glad that they let us know that they are taking the precautions, and that everything is being cleaned and sanitized, and that they are shutting down like they are supposed to,” said parent Sarina Vargos.

Since parents aren't allowed inside the daycare, the learning center displays the day's itinerary in a visible place.

“We are starting to post . . . some of the evidence of learning -- what they are doing throughout the day -- so parents can see them in the window at drop off and pick up,” Wilkey said.

The staff has found fun and creative ways to encourage the kids to follow the new safety precautions.

“We sing songs when we do the hand-washing to make it fun for the children so they know to go the whole 20 seconds," Wilkey said. "We have also have practice air bumps, toe taps, and air hi-fives."

She said it's important for the learning center to adapt to the life during COVID-19 in a wy that doesn't scare them, which is why it's important parents reinforce hand-washing and social distancing at home.

"We want to make it fun and let them know like, hey this might be the new normal we don’t know how long this is going to be the new normal,” said Wilkey.