School districts finding ways to empty their schools

Posted at 7:27 PM, Apr 20, 2020

Gov. Greg Abbott made it official last week closing school campuses across Texas for the rest of the school year.

Now, as students finish out the semester at home, there is another question that school districts will have to address: what are students going to do about retrieving personal items left at their schools.

Most students have not been back on campuses since spring break in March. And when they left, individual supplies and items were left behind in lockers and athletes left their equipment behind in locker rooms.

Now. all of that equipment needs to be returned.

KRIS 6 News contacted numerous school districts today to find out what their plan of action is going to be to retrieve these items.

While many of those districts are still formulating ways to get students their items back, the athletic department for Corpus Christi ISD has already put things in motion.

"It is going to be similar to the meals or the packet pickups," CCISD Athletic Director Brenda Marshall said. "We're going to bag them, tag them with their name on it and they will have (a) curbside (pickup point) where they can pick it up."

That is the plan for athletes who need to pick up their things and for spring sport athletes, whose seasons were ended officially this past week. These athletes will be dropping off their jerseys while picking up their personal items.

There are more students in district than just athletes. At this moment, the CCISD still is formulating a course of action to get their items returned to them in a safe manner.

Leanne Libby, a spokesperson for CCISD, provided the following statement to KRIS 6 News:

"In addition to turning in athletic equipment, in the coming weeks, middle school campuses will bag up non-essential instructional items and schedule curbside pick up dates and times, with another date at the end of the year to return instructional items. High Schools and elementary schools are also making plans for returning personal items."

This is another item added to an already crowded agenda that school districts currently are settling. And at this moment, they are hoping to get it done as soon as possible.