San Diego ISD on-campus classes begin October 5

San Diego ISD on-campus classes begin October 5
Posted at 11:10 PM, Sep 30, 2020

San Diego ISD is looking forward to the beginning of the new school year, a year that promises to be unlike any other they have experienced.

Texas Education Agency guidelines say all schools will open for the 2020-21 school year using their approved local calendars.

And for San Diego ISD, this means all students will start in-person instruction on Oct. 5.

TEA guidance states parents have the choice to send their students in-person or decide to take part in online learning.

When planning for students returning to school, the district will implement a hybrid instructional schedule to provide the safest possible environment for its students.

San Diego ISD provides two different instructional environments and parents can choose the environment for their children.

Options for PK-12th Grade Students

1. In-Person Hybrid Group A & B: Attend school on campus two days a week and participate in asynchronous learning at home three days a week.

2. Group C Selected Group of Students: Shall attend in person five days a week.

3. Group D: Attend school online (Remote Learning) five days a week.

*If face to face instruction is selected, then students must remain in that instructional setting until the end of the grading period. The same goes for online instruction; a student must remain in that setting until the end of the grading period.

Any student wishing to change instructional settings must notify the campus at least two weeks before the new grading period begins.

By providing the hybrid schedule district-wide, 50 percent or less of students will attend school daily. This will allow San Diego ISD to provide every classroom the social distancing recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

All students attending face to face instruction will be required to wear a mask at all times. If students are not able to wear a mask due to a medical condition, these students may wear a face shield.

If parents have any questions or concerns, they may contact their campus principal.