Researchers believe exhale COVID test could be breakthrough

New breath test could be a breakthrough in COVID-19 diagnosis
Posted at 6:52 AM, Dec 07, 2021

With the omicron variant causing growing concern, especially during the holidays, there's a renewed focus on testing.

PCR tests and nasal swabs currently are considered the industry standard in accurately detecting whether someone is infected.

But a new type of test is currently in development.

Dr. Robin Couch, a professor of biochemistry at George Mason University, along with Dr. Allyson Dailey, have developed a potential new way to detect COVID-19.

It's as easy as exhaling.

"We found that from the exhale, we could actually tell the difference between patients that do not have COVID from those that did," Couch said.

So far the test has been 100 percent accurate.

It hasn't been approved by the FDA, but researchers are now looking into whether this type of breath analysis could be used to detect other diseases, like lung cancer.