Local school districts adapt to new AP test method

Local school districts adapt to new AP test method
Posted at 7:09 PM, Apr 13, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the AP exams will be taken by students at home for the first time.

"It is unprecedented and it is unusual," CCISD's Director of Advanced Academics Kimberly Story said.

Students will be taking their exams at home and it will not be the only change made to the tests this year.

The tests have been shortened to just 45 minutes as opposed to previous hours-long examination. And there will be no more multiple choice questions. The entire exam will be free-response.

"It is going to be challenging for students," Story said.

We contacted the CCISD and Flour Bluff ISD, the two larger school districts in the Coastal Bend about how they are preparing their students for the altered exam and how they are helping students who may not have the resources needed to take some exams at home.

The school districts have been in constant contact with their students, district officials say.

"We are making sure that students are talking with their counselors and teachers," Tracy Erickson, curriculum supervisor for Flour Bluff High School, said.

They are also making sure their students have the equipment required to and take the exams from home.

"We have given out about 200 Chrome books," Erickson said.

CCISD is staying ahead of the problems by checking out hotspots for those who may not have the best WIFI.

Normally the exams are taken in an environment overseen by teachers and staff, but obviously that will not be the case this year.

It will fall on the shoulders of the College Board to make sure students are not cheating during the exam. One way they are doing that is by allowing their teachers to see their work right away.

"They have come up with their own policies as far as software they are utilizing to make sure there is no plagiarism," Story said.

For the students, taking high pressure tests such as this one in their own home, is a relief.

"You have your own computer, your own room, you can even control the temperature," Veterans Memorial High School senior Brandon Delapena said.

The exams are scheduled to start on May 11 and continue through May 22.