Local doctor transforms treehouse to practice social distancing

Posted at 6:07 PM, Apr 10, 2020

Some may say it's quarantine to the extreme, while one local family thinks it's a great idea. A doctor who works at CHRISTUS Spohn has transformed his kid's treehouse into his temporary home.

His reason? Because he works in an emergency room all day, and if he catches anything, he doesn't want to pass it along to his family.

Everyday, when he gets home from work, he's sleeping in the treehouse instead of the comfort of his own bed.

It's not just your average treehouse though. It's quipped with a bed, a cooler that acts as a "fridge" and even a toilet. It's where this doctor, father and husband has called home since the fight against COVID-19 began.

Tune into KRIS 6 News for a look at his temporary "crib."