Coworking spaces for people tired of working from home

COGS Coworking in Corpus Christi
Posted at 1:37 PM, Oct 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-23 14:37:52-04

COGS Coworking is a space where you can be creative and inspired. There are conference rooms and study rooms to choose from that are designed to inspire productivity.

Located off Staples and Collingswood Dr., Coworking is a place for people who say they are exhausted from working at home. They offer 8 shared office rooms, 2 large conference spaces are equally spaced out, and stocked kitchen.

“We offer different kinds of memberships based off your needs,” said Co-Founder of COGS Coworking Bailey Killian. “Dedicated desks are your 24 hour access its is your desk and your space,” said Killian.

Co-Founder of COGS Coworking Bailey Killian says they are open Monday through Friday 9a-5pm but dedicated members have after hour access. If you need to use an available common space everyday, that’s an additional cost.

Ladonna Rocha says she has been using COGS Coworking for a week and says having a private office is a game changer.

“We can receive people in a waiting area, it really gives you a lot of flexibility as an individual business you don’t really have,” said LaDonna Rocha Naturopathic Professional

Killian says the spaces are not just for businesses. “We do also have college students that just want another place to be able to study separately from their dorm room or the library,” said Killian.

Killian says they have upgraded the space to follow CDC guidelines such as upgrading air purification systems, hand sanitizing stations and rearranged seating for social distancing.

“Addition to nightly cleaning we clean high touch surface areas during the day and we wipe down work spaces everyday when a member leaves so its fresh for our next coworker,” said Killian.

For more information on their memberships and costs visit their website here.