Canales considering shelter-in-place across Nueces County

Posted at 8:48 PM, Mar 23, 2020

Judge Barbara Canales said late Monday that she is considering calling for a shelter-in-place shelter order in place for Nueces County.

"Since this situation began, I have been in contact with my counterparts to understand what they are doing and what works, so I could plan ahead to address a fast-moving contagious disease," Canales said. "On Saturday, we announced our first positive test for coronavirus in Nueces county. We knew that day would come, and we were ready."

"We want to stay ahead of events. Sheltering in place slows the spread of the disease so that the healthcare system does not get overwhelmed.

"Sheltering in place reduces the risk for those who must work, so they can stay healthy. Every urban county in Texas either has or is considering shelter in place options. For Nueces County, I concluded that it is not a question of if we will shelter in place, but when and how."

Canales said she is mulling what are considered as essential activities -- like doctor visits, food shopping and exercise - and what are considered essential business. She listed governmental activities, healthcare, critical infrastructure, retail activities, social services and services to maintain households and essential businesses.

"We are currently working on those details, as well as deciding a start date and an estimated duration. We will announce when we have a clear, concise plan."

Canales directed Nueces County County Attorney Laura Jimenez to work with Corpus Christi Mayor Joe McComb's staff and other mayors in the county to draft opetions for shelter-in-place orders "appropriate for our local needs and conditions."

We'll have more on this breaking story as we learn about it.