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Veterans need help to avoid December eviction

Posted at 5:27 PM, Nov 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-11 18:44:01-05

FULTON, Texas — Veterans across the country are being honored and thanked for their service, but a couple of veterans in Fulton are in the process of being evicted.
Action 10 News told you about this story last month. We reached out to the Coastal Bend Combat Veterans Association for an update.
Veteran Herb Arevalo poured himself a glass of wine and got the grill going Monday morning for Veterans Day.
He said despite having to leave his home behind he is making the most of his last few weeks there.
"The philosophy of my life -- at my age -- I have learned when one door closes another one will open," Arevalo said.
It won't be the door he's been opening for years, but he says he is accepting his mandatory eviction from the mobile home park.
The Dunes Retirement Community and Cottages in Fulton wants to completely transition into retirement villas leaving a dozen people and their mobile homes with a Dec. 31 eviction deadline -- and it is legal.
Three veterans are affected. Recently with the help of the Coastal Bend Combat Veterans Association -- one of them was relocated in his trailer.
Jack Nyitrai, the commander of the association -- said a Corpus Christi company has pledged to donate $20,000 if they raise $5,000 -- which they did. But Nyitrai said it is still not enough to accommodate the costs and moving expenses associated with both veteran's specific needs.
"It's been real difficult," Nyitrai said. "It's been real emotional working with them and you can expect that. They have been in this park. This is their neighborhood. This is where they planned to live out the rest of their life."
David Bayless -- a 76-year-old Vietnam Veteran -- has lived at the Dune Retirement Community for almost 20 years. He said he doesn't have the means to move his trailer.
Arevalo's mobile home will not be able to withstand a relocation according to Nyitrai. So they are looking to raise money for a trailer for him.
"Usually you can get a decent travel trailer between $15-20,000," Nyitrai said.
Nyitrai said they are hoping the community is able to assist them in any way so they can be prepared as the Dec. 31 eviction deadline approaches.
To donate to these veterans CLICK HERE.
You can also donate to all residents by CLICKING HERE.