CHRISTUS Spohn merges with Thomas Spann Clinic to reach more people in the Coastal Bend

Posted at 5:24 PM, Apr 21, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The CHRISTUS Spohn Trinity Clinic has opened its doors to the public.

This clinic located on Saratoga, has 60 patients rooms, an on-site lab, radiology equipment, a team of physicians, physicians assistance, and nurse practitioners.

“We decided to merge with CHRISTUS Spohn health system because we felt we can provide better care,” said Orel Everett, Chief Medical Officer of CHRISTUS Spohn Health System.

What was formerly Thomas Spann Clinic, a private practice, serving over 30,000 patients in the Coastal Bend is now CHRISTUS Trinity clinic.

Merging with CHRISTUS Spohn in 2021, its Chief Medical Officer Orel Everett, said it offers more resources to the community.

“We also do ultrasounds for deep vein thrombosis, or peripheral vascular disease,” he said.

Everett lists what’s available which includes, a full range of radiology services like CT and digital x-rays, an echo for the heart and a full-service lab to analyze blood work.

“We have a lot of diabetics and people with coronary artery disease so we’re looking at ways of adding to our endocrinology services,” said Everett.

As a primary care clinic, Everett is excited about specialties they have available. The clinic can measure bone density and provide stress tests.

Everett said because they are working with CHRISTUS Spohn, that means mostly everything, like testing is done in-house, which results in shorter wait times for more patients.

“We have various locations. We just need to add more providers and schedule more patients,” he said.

Right now, there are 70-80 providers working at CHRISTUS Spohn Trinity Clinic. One doctor has been involved with this group for over 40 years.

Once a private practice, Dr. Everett and the physicians at Trinity Clinic are looking to reach more people in the Coastal Bend.

CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic- Thomas Spann is located at 5802 Saratoga Boulevard, Suite 200.

For more information on the services and treatment at Trinity Clinic, click here.