Beeville business, "El Obrero" gets help from the community

Posted at 6:23 PM, Sep 05, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-05 19:25:31-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — In Beeville, El Obrero is a neighborhood grocery store that's been open for years. It's run by the Garza family and it's no secret they've had a rough time keeping this business going.

Maria Ochoa Garza inherited El Obrero. Residents told KRIS 6 News reporters that there's a lot of history here. At some point in time migrant farm workers came in and out, shopping on credit.

 But now, after so many years the building is not what it used be.

Recently, Beeville health inspectors found El Obrero in violation and that's one of many problems they've faced, including a robbery last year.

"They came in and wiped us off. They took three shopping carts and our stock,” Garza said.

People who know Garza or shop at El Obrero know it's been a struggle for the business. That's where Mike Rodriguez stepped in.

She said, apparently the awning out front is so bad that they are going to shut it down if it’s not fixed quick. I said, 'Let me call someone to get you more time and we can do something about it,'” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez called the county commissioner Kristofer Leeny, who sprang into action to get this resolved for the Garza family.

"The lady at Alamo Hardware donated all the paint, spray foam to fix the inside. I bought the plywood. The plan is to get it fixed and put some paint on it,” Leeny said.

The Beeville community coming together to make some repairs. Garza's daughter Sylvia was emotional to see it all happen.

"I wanted to cry because we are getting this help now. I know it makes her happy too,” she said.

Once the work is complete, the Garza family said they want to continue with their business and legacy in their small town.