Mexico fires morgue director in corpse scandal

Posted at 10:54 AM, Sep 18, 2018

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The governor of the western Mexico state of Jalisco has fired the director of the state morgue after a refrigerated truck carrying 157 unidentified bodies drew complaints from neighbors over the smell.

The ousted director of the Jalisco Forensics Institute told local media Tuesday that two trucks had been rented to hold bodies from the overflowing morgue. Luis Octavio Cotero said he’d warned two years ago the morgue couldn’t handle the number of bodies from Mexico’s rising wave of homicides.

Cotero denied he made the decision to order one of the trucks out of the morgue parking lot. That truck was driven between parking lots and finally a vacant field in the Guadalajara area. In each case, neighbors’ complaints forced it to move.