Safety patrol members treated to special day at Fun Trackers

Posted at 5:56 PM, May 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-23 18:39:21-04


They show up early and stay late.

And today, safety patrol students with CCISD were given the day off to have a lot of fun.

More than 680 safety patrol students within the district were treated to a day at Fun Trackers in Flour Bluff with go-karts, games and food.

This is the third year that CCISD, CCISD police and Fun Trackers have teamed up to host Safety Patrol Appreciation Day.

It’s a way to say thank you to those hard-working students who volunteer their time to help others.

“It’s actually really cool, we’ve never been to a field trip this exciting,” said Taylor Escobedo, a fifth-grader who’s a member of the Dawson Elementary School safety patrol.

The special day is a fitting reward for these good kids, CCISD police chief Kirby Warnke said.

“We show our appreciation for that service by giving them this day,” Warnke said. “So we really appreciate what they do to keep our students safe and this is kind of one of the ways we show it.”

Not everyone can join the safety patrol at their school. Students must apply and have good grades and attendance.