May Day protests escalate to violence

Posted at 5:17 AM, May 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-02 06:17:10-04

Dozens of masked and hooded anarchists clashed with riot police in southern Paris on Wednesday (5/1), burning bins, smashing property and hurling projectiles, hijacking a May Day rally that was focused on protesting against President Emmanuel Macron’s policies.

Tens of thousands of labor union and “yellow vest” protesters were on the streets across France, days after Macron outlined a response to months of street protests including tax cuts worth around 5 billion euros ($5.6 billion).

Riot police used tear gas and water cannon, and charged sporadically at several points along the traditional International Workers’ Day rally to disperse groups of masked protesters. Protesters had been shielding themselves using a cart resembling a large black swan before it was confiscated by the police.

Some 7,400 police were deployed and they made 200 arrests. Several people were lightly wounded, police sources said.