Shelter dog attacks woman walking on Port Aransas beach

Posted at 5:10 PM, Apr 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-22 18:10:55-04


A routine walk on the beach turned awry for Cindy Clark and her friend as the two encountered a rescue animal.

“We passed a man and his dog and waved no problem then turned around came back by the same man and same dog,” said Clark. That’s when the dog ran up behind the truck jumped up bit me behind the leg and then lunged up here by his head and chomped right here.”

Clark says the dog was on a leash, but it still managed to get to her.

The deep bite landed her in the emergency room where she had to get several staples to close the wounds.

Paperwork provided by the Corpus Christi Animal Care Services shows that the dog has history of aggressive behavior, as well as biting.

“To me that’s a huge red flag,” said Clark.

Despite the history of aggression, the dog was adopted out once again.

“Clearly the city is putting the public at risk by either not reading their files or not following through,” said Clark. “There need to be some changes I think and people need to pay attention.”

According to the paperwork from animal care services the dog involved in the attacked has been euthanized.

“I just would hate for anyone else to go through this,” said Clark.

We reached out to Animal Care Services to find out why a dog with a history of aggressive behavior was allowed to be adopted. Officials were not available today but said they would discuss the shelters protocol for adopting dogs with similar behavior tomorrow.