Porta-potty fire has Islanders worried about vandals

Posted at 5:17 PM, Apr 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-19 18:17:22-04

Vandals are lighting porta potties on fire at Billish Park on the island with the latest incident happening at 3 AM on Friday.

“A group of people came out and set it on fire,” said Marvin Jones. “Even threw two or three of those green scooters that you can rent in the park and burned them up as well.”

According to the president of the Padre Isle Property Owners Association, Marvin Jones, it’s not the first time a porta potty here has been lit on fire.

“It’s happened about three or four times over the last two years and quite frankly we’re tired of replacing the porta potties,” said Jones.

Jones says it cost about $200-$300 to replace the porta potties, but his biggest concern is the safety hazard the vandalism poses.

“Fire spreads and there are condominiums close by and they could set a roof on fire or they could set a boat gas tank on fire,” said Jones.

This morning several families were out enjoying the park in celebration of Easter.

“Some families had to leave early to get kids home,” said Emily Elward.

That’s because there were no restrooms available for families to use.

“It was a bit of a struggle with the little ones out here playing and having drinks,” said Elward.

Jones says the association is hesitant to install cameras outside the porta potties, but is considering setting them up near the park between certain hours.

“From 11 pm to 6 am or something like that,”  said Jones.

If you have any information regarding the vandalisms to the porta potties you are urged to contact local police.