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A Georgia mom is in court pleading not guilty after her child went potty in a gas station parking lot

Posted at 5:39 AM, Apr 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-19 06:52:36-04

Potty training can be a stressful time for any parent, but a Georgia toddler’s accident that landed his mom in court is raising some eyebrows.

Brooke Johns, now 37 weeks pregnant, was in a Richmond County Courthouse Thursday to contest a disorderly conduct citation.

She says she got the ticket as a result of an emergency bathroom break for her toddler that couldn’t make it to the bathroom.

She says they barely made it to a gas station parking lot before she realized they wouldn’t be able to make it inside.

Johns said she tried to cover up her son as best as she could as he relieved himself right there in the parking lot.

Apparently, this caught the attention of a Richmond County Deputy, who gave her the ticket.

“I’ve got to pee. I’ve got to pee!’ I was like, ‘well, hold on,’ and he’s like, ‘no! I’ve got to pee! I’ve got to really pee.’ and i’m like, ‘baby, there’s nowhere for me to go, and he says, ‘momma, i’m about to pee in my pants!” said Brooke Johns.

“He was peeing before his pants were even all the way down, so obviously he had to go,” added Johns.