Thieves stealing from home on West side of Corpus Christi are caught on camera

Posted at 10:07 AM, Apr 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-17 11:12:26-04


“I turn to look at the camera and I see the trailer door swinging and I told my husband, Arnold your door is open, your trailer door is open and he goes what?,” said Alicia De La Cruz.

Early Sunday morning the De La Cruz family woke up to a nearly empty garage and trailer.


”Fishing poles and drills, they took a lot of his tools brand new tools he had a lot of his tools, everything,” said De La Cruz.

She says while the family slept, two men walked to the back of their house, broke the lock to their garage and stole nearly $3000 in property.

The De La Cruz family used their surveillance system where you can clearly see two men make two trips to the back of the house each time taking valuable equipment.

What worries the family the most are the set of keys the thieves found in the garage. Those keys open the family’s trailer, one of their trucks, their house, and a storage unit

“They’re gonna come back they’re not just going to stay like that and since they have keys maybe they don’t know that we’ve already changed the locks and stuff,” said De La Cruz .

She says the surveillance video shows the men walking to and leaving in a white car.

And while their faces aren’t completely clear, De La Cruz hopes it’s enough for the community or law enforcement to identify the thieves.