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Time Running Out for New Harbor Bridge Voluntary Relocation

Posted at 3:53 PM, Apr 10, 2019

Time is running out for people living in the Hillcrest area to sign up for a voluntary relocation program.
They need to move because of the new Harbor Hridge Project.
This afternoon several of them told the Troubleshooters they don’t qualify for relocation, or, they never knew about the program.

You can still see a few homes in the Hillcrest neighborhood that have not been sold and boarded up.
But the word’s been out since May 7th, 2016.
May 7th, 2019 is the deadline for homeowners to sign up for the Port of Corpus Christi Authority’s Voluntary Acquisition and Relocation Program.

The boundary lines are West Broadway, Floral, MLK, and the west right-of-way line of the new Harbor Bridge.
A key eligibility requirement is that you have lived in your current residence since January 1st, 2016.

But the Troubleshooters talked to some people today who tell us they’ve already been told they don’t qualify for relocation. We talked with some other people who told us they were never told us they were never told their homes would be part of the relocation project when they moved in.

For instance, Alexis Cunningham and Santiago Barbosa, say they just moved into their home on Lexington, in October 2018, on a rent-to-own basis.
So they don’t qualify.
But nowhere in their paperwork with Markman Brothers Investments,who they bought the home from, does it mention the possibility of relocation.
“They didn’t mention it.” Cunningham said. “They didn’t say a word about me having to relocate at any point in time.”
Remember, the relocation project is voluntary.

Rene Dailey, who lives 2 doors down, also bought her home from Markman Brothers Investments, and moved in a year ago, so she doesn’t qualify either.
“Did you know of the May 7th deadline ? No. You had no idea ? No.”

Dailey’s kids and grandkids lived with her, until CPS took custody of at least one of them when they saw the conditions they were living in.
But Dailey, Cunningham, Barbosa, and Mc Cullion Williams, who live next door to one another, want to move out as soon as possible because their homes need major repairs.

The Troubleshooters went to the Markman Brothers Investments office on Morgan to speak with them about these houses on Lexington.
A man on the premises wouldn’t speak with us. In fact, he locked the door so we couldn’t get in.

If you believe you’re eligible, go to to see your options.