Students stranded get help from a Corpus Christi couple on their Prom night

Posted at 11:52 PM, Apr 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-10 00:52:43-04

Fourteen Ben Bolt students were on their way to prom this weekend when the unexpected happened;    their limo broke down right in the middle of the highway. But then, some good samaritans stepped in to help.

Stranded on prom night.

“We were all freaked out, we were pretty much like what do we do now,” said Brian Gutierrez.

Fourteen Ben Bolt students were making their way to Corpus Christi to catch a dinner reservation before their big day until their limo broke down in the middle of SPID.

“It was hot in there,” said Ruben Cueller.

Luckily for them, a couple also on their way to dinner saw them standing on the side of the road and pulled over to help.

“Everybody’s driving by and they’re honking at us it’s real embarrassing they probably thought we were taking pictures,” said AJ Arellano.

“How often do you see a limo broken down full of kids and then we saw all these poor girls in their dresses,” said Christina Parks.

One of the students’ parents had driven half of the students to Salt Grass Steakhouse where they were already late for their reservation, and then the couple offered to drive the other half.

“We loaded up as many as we could in the car,” said Jacob Parks. “We got there and we were looking around the room and looking for somewhere to eat might as well so we found our own little table and started eating.”

Christina and her husband Jacob saw the disappointment in the stranded prom-goers eyes and decided to send their table a treat.

“During our dinner, they brought us dessert,” said Cuellar.

And in an effort to return the gesture of kindness, the teens paid for the couple’s meal.

“She started checking up on them like they were her main focus the whole night,” said Jacob Parks. “Like these kids need to get home safely.

After waiting for four hours, the teens were told a replacement limo was not available. Now they were stranded about an hour away from home and with no way to get to prom.

Until the parks stepped in yet again.

“Christina came to our table said ‘don’t worry kids we’re working on getting yall another limo just stay right here we’re gonna run to the bank be right back,” said Arellano.

So the couple reached out to Celebrity Limos of Corpus Christi

“Get them home safely, drive them around for a little bit, let them enjoy their prom and then the rest of the night is yours and we’ll pay you whatever you want,” said Parks.

And by 8 PM the 14 students were on their way to Ben Bolt High School.

“They had a good heart and they helped us out,” said Cuellar.

And although they made it two hours late to prom, each student was thankful, for the couple and their act of kindness.

“We had a blast and it is and will be the most memorable anniversary we’ve ever had,” said Parks.