87-year-old whose bike was stolen gets ‘double’ the help from the community

Posted at 4:28 PM, Mar 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-28 19:12:23-04

“I don’t know I feel real crazy,” said John Lewis.

Just two weeks after Lewis’ custom motorized bicycle was stolen from his front lawn, he’s well on his way to receiving a new one all thanks to his community.

“I had to jump in and do something because that’s my neighbor and he just doesn’t need to be in that position I don’t think anybody that’s 87 years old needs to be in that kind of position,” said Marcos Flores.

Flores lives just a few streets away from Lewis.

Every time he would come by here and we ran into each other we always made it a point to stop and have a neighborly conversation and there was football or the kids or what have you,” said Flores.

Flores says he had no idea Lewis suffered from an eye disease that prevents him from being able to drive, but knowing his neighbor needed help was enough to prompt him to set up a go fund me page.

“Because of the story y’all aired knowing he had the macular degeneration on his eyes all those different things made me want to help him to get back on his feet and make sure that he’s got his transportation back,” said Flores.

“I just never had people that give me things like that and particularly I didn’t know it was happening that’s the funny part,” said Lewis.

So many people wanted to help, suddenly two GoFundMe pages popped up on social media, both asking for people to help restore Lewis’ only means of transportation.

“From Illinois to McKinney Texas to down the street,” said Flores. “A lot of people including me came up with this to give you $500 bucks.”

Together with both GoFundMe pages and a few extra donations Lewis has gathered over $1600 to both replace his bicycle and pay for a better security lock.

“I just don’t know what to do so hard to be humble,” said Lewis.