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Man nearly killed while using a cruise ship attraction

Posted at 4:45 AM, Mar 22, 2019

A Florida man is suing Royal Caribbean Cruises after he was nearly killed while using a ship attraction.

 In February Casy Holladay was on board the mariner of the seas and decided to use a brand new attraction, “The Skypad.”

 It’s a series of trampolines enclosed in a cage where users attach themselves to bungee cords and can perform acrobatic flips in the air.

 But things went horribly wrong.

 The bungee cord snapped sending Holladay plummeting nearly 20 feet onto the hard deck below.

 Holladay fractured his pelvis and is now disabled.

 He’s using a wheelchair, and he’ll likely need a hip replacement and lifetime therapy.

 Holladay has sued Royal Caribbean in Federal Court.

 The cruise line released a short statement saying, “we do not comment on pending litigation. we operate all our ships safely, professionally and responsibly.”