Employees from a restaurant in Ingleside claim they’re not getting paid

Posted at 6:58 PM, Feb 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-15 10:13:59-05

There’s no day, like pay day.

However for two working women in Ingleside, payday doesn’t happen often enough.

“First week I didn’t get paid on time it was probably a few days after that I started learning other employees have been having the same experience getting paid late or not getting paid at all or getting paid the wrong amount,” said Madison Dickerson.

Up until last week, Madison Dickerson worked at Floyds Ranch House Restaurant in Ingleside, until she says the owner got fed up with her asking about her late paychecks.

“I was off the day they put out the schedule so I called the restaurant and asked when I was working the next day she said I wasn’t on the schedule anymore and to call the manager and I did and she said she hadn’t had time to fire me,” said Dickerson.

By the time she was fired she says she was owed 3 paychecks

“They had told me ‘tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow’, 4 days passed and I went in and they said to come back that night so I came in that night and still didn’t have the checks, said Dickerson. “They finally just decided to pull cash out of the register and give it to me.”

Brittney Downun, who currently works there, says she’s behind by one check. She adds that getting paid late at Floyds is the norm.

“There’s a week where I didn’t get anything at all and then the next week I only got one check when I should have had two,” said Downun.

There are federal laws in place to deal with employers who pay their employees late or not at all.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act an employer must pay their employees on time, if they don’t they could be sued for those wages and in Texas it could also mean legal penalties for the business.

Both of the women are currently looking for different jobs, regardless of whether they’re paid the correct wages they’re owed.