Homeless shelter to expand into old local elementary school building

Posted at 5:22 PM, Feb 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-03 18:22:19-05


“We have 30,000 square feet under roof it’s a lot bigger than it looks everybody is surprised when they come over to see how big it is and how clean it is and how happy the people are,” said Executive Directoor of Good Samaritan Rescue Mission Carole Murphrey.

She says the organization has one goal, to give housing to anyone who needs it.

“The peak that we’ve had so far was 263,” said Murphrey.

They also provide clothing from their thrift shop to those who come in with only what they have on their backs.

The store accepts all donations of items that are still in working condition even if they’re gently used.

And in the last month Good Samaritan Rescue Mission has moved its thrift shop to a space attached to its facility and the money made from items sold goes right back into program helping people who need it.

“We have some folks moving out today and they’ll be able to get some furniture to go into their new apartment,” said Murphrey

And since this organization receives no federal, state, or local government funding, the profits made go into making sure their doors stay open and the lights stay on.

“We have huge utility bills so we try to put the store revenue towards utilities,” said Murphrey.

But very soon, even this new building will be a thing of the past, as Good Samaritan has made plans to expand yet again and into a larger venue

“It’s the old Lamar Elementary School on the corner of 19th and Morris,” said Murphrey. “They’re going to demolish all of the interior walls and they’re going to build back Good Samaritan Village.”