Local storage unit denies claims of burglary, even after family loses belongings

Posted at 6:13 PM, Jan 30, 2019

Top notch security is something you might expect from your storage company, but one Corpus Christi woman says that’s not the case.

She claims her belongings are being stolen from a place that is supposed to be under 24-hour camera surveillance.

”We went to the storage and I noticed that there was a different lock on our unit and I assumed maybe the management had put that lock on their unit so I asked them and they said that they didn’t,” said Daiya Lemon-Dominguez. “One of the employees and the manager proceeded to take the lock off and when they took the lock off that’s when we noticed that everything was gone.”

She was using the storage unit as her family transitioned into their new house. And this incident has cost them their furniture, appliances, and valuable family items.

“My little boys toys which was very sad for me because I had to explain to him that his toys weren’t going to be there anymore and he asked me ‘mom did the police find my box of toys?’, and so I had to explain to him that they’re probably never going to be found,” said Lemon-Dominguez.

Now she wants to know why the company didn’t notify their customers of the recent break-ins along with letting them know their cameras have actually been down since December.

“When I called the police officer that’s when he had informed me that I wasn’t the first person that this had happened to,” said Lemon-Dominguez.

We called Cube Smart to ask about any recent burglaries.

KZTV’s Brenda Matute: “So there have been no break-ins, no burglaries no robberies at your facility in the last month?”

Cube Smart store manager Pat: “no not in the last month”.

And while the company did deny any burglaries this past month, we were able to obtain police reports stating otherwise.

In the report the officer states that Cube Smart has now placed red stickers on their locks after making employees check the conditions of those locks; but only after the recent burglaries.

Now, this mother says she wants to help spread the word, and possibly save the possessions of another family.

“I would never want this to happen to anyone else because we work so hard just as other people do for their items,” said Lemon-Dominguez.