Local organization collects toiletries and everyday essentials for Coast Guard

Posted at 5:13 PM, Jan 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-25 18:13:45-05


Help is on the way for furloughed government employees here in Corpus Christi. Members of the community are collecting items for families.

From toilet paper to noodles this group of organizations is doing what they can by collecting non perishable and everyday items to help the Coast Guard.

“Diapers and wipes and hygiene products conditioner shampoo and soap,” said Nicole Grinkavitch.

Between the Real Life Church, MAG ministries and the community, products that families otherwise wouldn’t get from a food pantry are being taken and sent off to Vallant hall.

“Coming together to support the USO Corpus,” said Grinkavitch.

She adds, that specific pantry has fed over 420 people in the last two weeks, but now stock is running low and it needs replenishing

“It’s an amazing program and so they need help stocking that pantry,” said Grinkavitch.

While several businesses around town may be offering free food, Grinkavitch says she’s set on tackling different needs.

“A lot of people are doing canned food drives and you can go to the salvation army and you can go to the food bank and get food items,” she said. “But the costly items are those things like toilet paper and paper towels and baby diapers and formula.”

By the end of the day nearly 49 boxes were filled with essential items

“Just pray for our country,” said Grinkavitch.