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Single mother says she’s out thousands of dollars after paying contractor for job not completed

Posted at 9:57 PM, Dec 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-20 23:41:16-05

Ana Flores says she hired Leo Rios who claimed to own 2 R’s Construction to build a separate bedroom and bathroom in her backyard.

“She has older kids and they come in the summer,” says boyfriend Guillermo Moreno.

Flores says Rios quoted her $9,700 for the entire project. She was to pay $4,700 up front and the remaining $5,000 once the work was completed.

Flores says she paid the $4,700 in November. Rios then came back demanding more money for supplies. She says she paid the final $5,000 with the agreement that he would finish the room as soon as possible.

She says that never happened. After two days of work, Rios did not return creating a list of excuses, from his grandmother dying, weather conditions, even claiming to be in jail.

“We called the jail here, several days and they said there was nobody locked up by that name,” says Moreno. “When he finally came back he told her that it was in San Diego, so we got a hold of San Diego jail and they checked for us and there was nobody locked up within the last 90 days with that name.”

Flores says in early December, Rios requested an extra $1,400 to purchase more material. When she asked what happened to the $9,700 she had already given him, he claimed to not have the money.

She then called the company where Rios was supposed to purchase supplies, she says they told her he only received an estimate, he never purchased anything.

Flores says she still cannot believe this happened and wants to warn others.

Action 10 News tried contacting Leo Rios, but he has not returned our phone calls or messages.

After doing a web search of “2 R’s Construction,” we found no results. The company is also not listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website.