Troubleshooters: Customers file suit against CC subaru claiming fraud, forgery

Posted at 6:47 PM, Dec 17, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:46-04

The Troubleshooters have done stories about Corpus Christi Subaru *before the dealership was recently sold to the Hicks family.

Today, we have a story about a customer who’s filed a civil suit against Corpus Christi Subaru, accusing them of fraud, deceptive trade practices and other offenses.
And we have now learned from CCPD, that the FBI is investigating other cases involving this particular dealership.

It all started in November 2016, when Raul and Maria Chavez say they bought a 2011 Mercedes Benz from Corpus Christi Subaru’s pre-owned lot on Rodd Field Road.

“My husband signed it for $15,000.00,” Maria Chavez said. “Zero down. In-house financing. None of that happened. It was something totally different.”

In a picture provided by the Chavezes, you can see signs posted outside the dealership on Rodd Field stating ‘we finance. Zero down. Your job is your credit.’

The Chavez’s claim they never received the original sales contract they signed at Corpus Christi Subaru the day they bought the vehicle. The one that said their monthly payments would be $237.00.
Their attorney, Timothy Raub says the original contract had been sold to Capital One Finance.

“This dealership will not give you copies of your contracts. They don’t. And there’s every excuse in the book. They lose ’em. They had a flood. The person that did the contract doesn’t work there anymore. They’ve got a multitude of excuses.”

However, in November 2017, they received paperwork from Capital One Finance, showing their monthly payments would actually be $627.00.

And here’s something else they noticed. Mr. Chavez’s first name is Raul and that’s his signature on his driver’s license.
Now look at the three signatures on this paperwork from Capital One.
His first name, Rene, is incorrect each time, as are the signatures, according to the Chavezes.

So in November, they filed forgery charges against Corpus Christi Subaru.
CCPD says they’ve received other cases against the dealership, but due to their complex nature, the FBI is handling them.

The Chavez’s have filed a civil suit against Corpus Christi Subaru.
The suit includes claims of not only fraud, but deceptive trade practices, negligent hiring, retention, supervision, and training.
Attorney Raub told the Troubleshooters about the overwhelming response he’s received after placing an inquiry on Facebook about Corpus Chisti Subaru.
“And we have inundated. I mean we have been buried, shockingly so, in the number of people who think that they have a claim against this Corpus Christi car dealership.”

In response to the Chavezes civil suit, the attorney for Corpus Christi Subaru wrote ‘defendants deny each and every allegation and demand strict proof.’
And further that Corpus Christi Subaru is ‘not liable in the capacity in which it is being sued because it is not a Texas corporation, a sole proprietorship, or an unincorporated association.’

So you can imagine how the Chavezes feel about Corpus Christi Subaru at this point.
“I just wanna see them go to jail,” said Maria Chavez.

We should point out that the attorney representing Corpus Christi Subaru in this particular case did not respond to multiple requests for comment for this story.
In the interest of full disclosure, Corpus Christi Subaru is suing this tv station, claiming libel, based on our earlier reports.
We will report how that suit turns out, as well as what happens with the lawsuit filed by Raul and Maria Chavez.