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Raising Cane’s is raising traffic rates on SPID

Posted at 10:31 PM, Dec 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-14 23:31:14-05

New attractions near the intersection of South Padre Island Drive and Staples Street have led to an increase in an old problem – traffic.

“I think it’s a nightmare,” holiday shopper Lindsey Moore said. “It’s always congested during the day and night.”

Congestion in that area will likely increase next week with the opening of the new Dave and Buster’s restaurant and arcade nearby.

The opening of fast-food restaurant Raising Cane’s this week also saw an increase in traffic, primarily on the S.P.I.D. exit ramp for Staples Street.

“Coming off S.P.I.D. when you’re exiting Staples, it backs up onto the freeway,” Moore said. “In my opinion that’s extremely unsafe.

That exit also dumps cars out quite close to Staples, making it difficult to move over the two lanes it takes to reach Moore Plaza, the shopping center featuring Raising Cane’s, an HEB, and dozens of other restaurants and stores. The result is more congestion.

Lots of people cross the solid white line that separates the exit ramp from the frontage road in an effort to more easily reach the shopping center.

“It is illegal,” Corpus Christi Police Lt. Emily Perez said. “You’re not supposed to cross the white stripe. People still cross it and it causes accidents.