Troubleshooters Help Woman Get Her Mom’s Car Back

Posted at 6:51 PM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:46-04

This Troubleshooters story is about a woman trying to hold onto something with a lot of sentimental value.
It’s something that belonged to her mother, who was murdered, along with 3 other family members, in Robstown, in July, by another family member.
So the daughter called the Troubleshooters for help.

You never fully recover from a tragedy like this.
The seemingly senseless murders of your mother, stepdad, brother, and nephew, by another family member, who then killed himself.
But Roxanna Mireles and her family are trying, one day at a time, because those were her family members.

Her mom was still making payments to GM Financial on a vehicle until that July day.
So Mireles wanted to keep it in the family.
“We just needed to have it back,” Mireles told us. “But my mom was not here. And I was her only voice.”

From Mireles’ standpoint, GM Financial didn’t make it easy for her to do that.
“Just the lack of humanity in that corporation was just unbelievable. Unreal.”
In fact, GM Financial repo’ed the vehicle, in October, and parked it in this lot. and, according to Mireles, were about to sell it.
She was getting nowhere trying to work something out with them.
And that’s why and when she says she contacted us, asking for help.

It’s not easy peeling thru the layers of a corporation trying to find the ‘right’ person. Somebody who’s actually interested in helping, and does.
The Troubleshooters spoke with that person with GM Financial last Tuesday.
And by Friday both sides came to an agreement.

Another day. Another step toward closure for Mireles and her family, as she thanked her deceased parents.
“I know they’re in there in heaven rooting for us throughout this whole ordeal. That’s what kept me going, is God’s strength, and knowing that this was the right thing.”

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