Jason Witten nixes return to active duty for injury-depleted Dallas Cowboys

Posted: 2:20 PM, Dec 10, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-10 15:20:05-05

Former Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has been skewered all season long by critics about his less-than-robust effort as a new analyst on ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

Despite those criticisms, Witten has remained steadfast about remaining in his new profession — even as he had a recent chance to return to his old team.

ESPN reporter Adam Schefter reported that  Dallas coach Jason Garrett offered Witten a chance to come out of retirement  and help in the Cowboys’ playoff push. Witten turned him down.

Even as the Cowboys struggle with injuries at the position, Witten chose to stay with broadcasting.

It had to be a tough decision as the Cowboys streaked to their fifth consecutive victory with a 29-23 overtime conquest of Philadelphia on Sunday.

Still, Witten wants to stay with his new work. It’s a lot safer and probably provides him just as much money.

You can see him tonight when Monday Night Football is in Seattle for the Seahawks’ big game against Minnesota.