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Neighbors fed up with potholes on city street

Posted at 11:42 PM, Nov 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-07 00:43:21-05

Homeowners on Chase Drive say their street has been neglected for years and it has lead to a serious pothole problem.

“You hit down there and you’re in a vibrating machine,” says concerned neighbor Carol Moore.

Dozens of potholes decorate the street. Neighbors say instead of rebuilding the road, for the last few years city crews have been patching up the holes.

But those temporary fixes only last until the next heavy rain or large truck passes through.

“They just skip holes and they don’t even patch them up right,” says Nancy Omsberg.

“If you live here, you kind of learn where they are and you kind of avoid them,” says Moore.

Neighbors also worry about hitting a ditch while exiting their driveway.

“We can’t afford to buy new cars, new tires,” says Omsberg.

Several neighbors including Nancy Omsberg’s son have tried calling the city about the problem, but say their calls have gone unanswered.

“They just put you on hold, wait for a while,” says Omsberg.

Carol Moore says she fears the potholes will prevent people from moving into their neighborhood.

She says the city needs to focus on fixing residential streets.

“We live here, we pay our property taxes now we have to pay that extra street usage tax,” says Moore.

We did reach out to the city. A spokesperson tells us they are aware the street needs to be reconstructed.

They say Chase Drive is a candidate for the Street Reconstruction Program in Bond 18. At the moment the streets have not been selected.

For now, they will continue temporary fixes.