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Pregnant woman concerned after neighbor discovers potential mold growing in apartment complex

Posted at 6:01 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-02 19:01:08-04

A mother living at the Marbella Apartments is speaking out about the mold entering her unit.  She says mold is growing through the walls in the unit beneath hers and claims management did not warn her.

The mom did not want to be identified but says her family has lived in the apartment for almost a year, unaware of the toxic.  She has a ten-month-old son and is six months pregnant.  She says it was her neighbor who after finding the door wide opened, took a look inside and alerted them.

“I felt disgusted, I didn’t even want to be in there, I was scared I was probably going to fall through,” says the mother.

She says there is mold all over the apartment. In the walls, doors, cabinets, even the floors.  She worries the mold is why her son is constantly sick.

“He’s been coughing and stuff like that. I take him to the hospital and they’ll say well, he’s congested, and his cough sounds bad,” says the mother.

She also fears there may be mold inside her apartment.

“They probably have it back here too and they just covered it,” says the mother.

She is currently staying with her parents, while they find a new place to live.  But she wants to warn others who may be interested in moving into the complex.

KZTV reached out to the Marbella Apartments and they tell us crews are working on fixing the problem.