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Rising Nueces River leaves people stranded in their homes

Posted at 2:59 PM, Oct 30, 2018

Neighbors living along the Nueces River in Robstown are preparing for the worst.

“I went and got canned goods and stuff to cook, drink water,” says Daniel Canchola.

The city started releasing water from the Wesley Seale Dam into the Nueces River on Friday.

Water has risen nearly three feet on parts of County Road 73, cars cannot get through. Some neighbors using boats or canoes to get to their cars parked on Rock Island Drive. The occasional flooding is not enough to make some people pack up and move.

“I can fish from my porch, except for today, I can fish from anywhere in my house.”

But David Flores is not amused.

He does not live in the area but his son does.

“My son, when he bought the property he was walking, he had surgery, things didn’t go well, now he’s handicap,” says David Flores.

The flooding is forcing Flores to walk a mile through the currents to take medication and food to his son.

He says the city should do something to help residents get to and from their homes.

“What they needed to do is have somebody shuttle the people out here cause of the way the waters are,” says Flores.