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Mathis looks to attract Exxon employees with new roofs

Posted at 7:18 PM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-01 20:18:03-04

The proposed Exxon Petrochemical plant in Gregory-Portland is exposing a housing St. Patricio County, a shortage Mathis is hoping to benefit from.

The Mathis Economic Development Corporation is looking to transform 21 acres into 36 subdivisions. They also plan on adding a retirement community.

The land is located at the corner of Hwy 359 and Montana St.

Dowler says the plan is to sell 36-half-acre lots for about $30,000 each. The EDC will invest an estimated $875,000 on infrastructure, while developers cover construction costs.

Dowler says once completed, the project will add an estimated $5 million of new property to Mathis.

“With 36 new families in town, there will be new increase enrollment in Mathis ISD, bring about new shopping opportunity for merchants to sell their goods and services, that will increase sale taxes, property taxes,” says EDC executive director Doug Dowler.

Dowler says they have already seen a lot of growth in Mathis. In the last three years, 19 new businesses have opened their doors, this project continues that growth.

The project is still in the early stages of permitting and re-zoning, but developers have already expressed interest.

Dowler says they expect to break ground and have the infrastructure in place by the end of the year and hope to see construction as early as January.